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Troika Micro Pen Light Ballpoint Pen

Troika's Micro Key-light Pen is part flashlight, part micro-ballpoint pen combined in one compact and portable key ring.  Two sides of the 6 sided barrel have a ruler printed on it, one in centimeters and one in inches. Troika's Micro Key-light Pen is great for multitasking and is part of the Construction Series, combining functionality with design and practicality.

Product Features

  • Ballpoint keychain with flash light
  • Designed by TROIKA Design Werkstatt
  • Color Silver
  • White LED light, 8 lumens
  • Uses three L736 cell batteries, which are included
  • Black ink refill
  • Materials: aluminum/brass/steel with matte finish
  • Key-light pen hangs from a steel chrome split ring
  • Inch and centimeter ruler on barrel
  • Dimensions: 3.62 x 0.47 x 0.47 inches
  • Weight: 0.07 lbs.
  • Available in yellow, grey, silver, and black
  • Packaging full color cardboard box
  • GTIN 4024023270215

Replacement Parts

Customize Troika Key-light Pen with Logo Engraving

Max engraving surface size: 1.57 x 0.16 inches

Engrave the owner's name, a special message, or promote your business with customized Micro Key-light Pens.

Click here for more information on item customization and personalization.

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