Troika Selfmate, Keyfinder, Phone Finder, Selfie Remote


Troika Selfmate Bluetooth Keyring with Selfie remote, Key and smartphone finder

Selfmate by Troika is a lightweight blue tooth gadget keyring, that helps you locate your phone, your keys, is a selfie remote and even helps you activate the record or play back functions on your phone.

Troika Selfmate works with the Troika Find App on your Phone

Troika Selfmate together with the Troika app "TROIKA find", which can be downloaded for free for Apple and Android devices will quickly prove useful in everyday situations.

Looking for your keys? Simply open the smartphone app and the Selfmate will signal within a radius of 100 feet.
Alternatively when looking for your smartphone simply press the button on Troika Selfmate, the smartphone will make a sound.

The button on Selfmate doubles as a selfie release in situations where your arms are too short. Locations previously marked with Selfmate by a push of the button, can be found again on the map in the Troika find app.

Troika Selfmate marks its own location automatically on the map of the app in case it gets lost.

Lastly Troika Selfmate also activates smartphone by a pressing the button in case there is a need to record or play back something.

Product Features

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