New Mini Tools from Troika for Everyday Safety and Tasks

May 10, 2018

New Mini Tools from Troika for Everyday Safety and Tasks

Compact and Practical Tools for Everyday Carry

Troika Germany is in the designer gift business and has a passion for designing practical small tools that make for great everyday carry items.

Troika Amigo Alarm, a personal safety alarm with a 120 db siren

Scare off attackers with Troika Amigo Personal Safety Alarm, with its sturdy carabiner it attaches easily to a bag and it functions by simply pulling the housing down. This prevents accidental alarms as you may get with  button operated personal alarms and requires no fine motor skills you can pull it even when wearing gloves.

Troika Hook on Belt Loop Bottle Opener Keyring

This close to summer a cold drink sounds pretty good and Troika's new Hook on belt loop fits the bill. A highly functional Keychain bottle opener that hooks right onto a beltloop. The handle is long enough to ensure proper leverage.

Troika Tukan Pocket Knife

Troika Tukan Pocket knife is lightweight made of 420 stainless steel and has a passing resemblance to a Toucan bird. We like to have it with us in our bag for eating fruit and impromptu pick-nicks.


Troika Arbeitsgerat 10 Function Multi-tool

Troika's Arbeitsgerat 10 Function multi tool is a serious partner and can be trusted with some real work. We use it as our jack of all trades on long hikes and on Trade-Shows.

Troika Clever Key Organizer Tool

Troika Germany has been a market leader in the better/best keyrings for decades and its Clever Key Organizer Tool offers an alternative for people who find a traditional key-ring uncomfortable and scratchy in their pockets or not organized enough. Troika's Clever Key provides room for 6 keys in a stainless steel and aluminum housing and adds some clever and handy tools such as a flat head screw driver, bottle opener, wing nut tool, wrench, carabiner and even a small ruler in cm and inches. Compact at just 3.75 inches long with rounded corners it will fit comfortably even in your jeans front pocket.

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