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OEM tips fit and work well

I bought these for my husband's pen. They fit well and work well. At $5 per piece, I hope they last.

Troika Construction Ballpoint Pen

It`s great.
Please fix the mailing, this is the 4th email with the same survey.

Fell apart within 3 months. I emailed the company and never heard back.

Best keychain ever!

I bought one of these in a luggage store 23 YEARS ago. It still functions perfectly except one of the rings broke and some of the little balls are starting to look a little worn. I was absolutely giddy to find that I can get another one!!!

troika multicoloured patent keychain

My expectations of all the keys chains are fulfilled!! Great products !! I hope they will stand for a very long time.

Cell phone won’t fit.

My iPhone has a safety case like lost other smartphones and that case makes it too fat to fit in the cellphone slot. I also was disappointed that the bus didn’t have more detail but it was a novel gift idea that I hope my two twins will appreciate.


Really quick despatch, thank you. I was very happy that I could replace my Jumper keychain which broke a few weeks ago after 15 or 20 years. It’s unusual and part of me!

My opinion:

It's really cute my sister even liked it, but my only concern is The material looks like it has to be taken well care of or it can break.

This pen writes beautifully. I love the small size and sleek look. I’m completely happy with this lovely pen. 😃

Whatta Great Little Stowaway for EveryCar!

It's just so smart
It's like a poem by William Blake.
Has everything it needs & nothing it doesn't 😉

Wonderful service

Thank you for your wonderful service and shipping the item promptly.

Travel Thermos Espresso Doppio

I was primarily looking for a small mug that was leakproof. In that respect I was definitely disappointed. I almost returned it but didn’t want to go through the hassle. If the mug were truly leakproof I would have given it 5 stars. It’s a good size and fits well in my car’s cup holder.

Construction multi tool ballpoint pen

I bought this for my husband as he loves pens especially ones with multiple uses. He likes the feel of this one as well as the weight of it.

Better for Metric users and people who don't use the stylus.

The build quality seems excellent in general. The pen feels very dense, heavy, and sturdy, though there was a hairline fracture in mine. The stylus seemingly isn't removable and thus replaceable, so if you use yours, you might be better off with the full size pen. There are a few scaled measurements in Metric but only the base Inch side for Imperial. Unfortunately, the US is still stuck in the dark ages using Imperial so all in all, I don't think this pen was the right fit for me.

Never got the product

My product experience is the lowest cause I never got the keychain I ordered. Maybe it takes more time to deliver to Europe, I still hope to get it soon...

Antonija, we are so sorry it took this long. It shipped right away via DHL which normally delivers fast. We hope you will enjoy the adorable panda.

Have not received the order

Sent by USPS but not delivered yet. Waiting for USPS to close claim.


shipping time was too long, final delivery date not received, Euro charges should be converted to US $ (for US billing address) and what company is doing the money transaction (global e/brand did not tell me that it came from Troika)
I hope the child who received the lunchbox liked it

High Quality Parts

I recently received a Troika replacement tip with refill housing for my Construction Pen. It fits perfectly and works great. It is so nice to be able to buy replacement for this pen which I have had for years and use daily.

Troika is guick release key chain

Well built easy to use perfect for Christmas gift


Took longer to ship but quality of product is great.

Multi-tool pen

This was a Christmas gift that has not been opened yet.