Troika Construction Micro LED Key-light Pen Keychain



Troika Micro Key-light Ballpoint Pen

Troika's Micro Key-light Pen is part flashlight, part micro-ballpoint pen combined in one compact and portable key ring.  Two sides of the 6-sided barrel have a ruler printed on it, one in centimeters and one in inches. Troika's Micro Keylight Pen is great for multitasking and is part of the Construction Series, combining functionality with design and practicality.

Product Features

  • Ballpoint keychain with flash light
  • Designed by TROIKA Design Werkstatt
  • White LED light, 8 lumens
  • Uses three L736 cell batteries, which are included
  • Black ink refill
  • Materials: aluminum/brass/steel with matte finish
  • Key-light pen hangs from a steel chrome split ring
  • Inch and centimeter ruler on barrel
  • Dimensions: 3.62 x 0.47 x 0.47 inches
  • Weight: 0.07 lbs.
  • Available in yellow, grey, silver, and black
  • Packaging full color cardboard box
  • YE GTIN 4024023270239
  • GY GTIN 4024023270222
  • BK GTIN 4024023270208
  • SI GTIN 4024023270215

Replacement Parts

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