Troika Replacement Carabiner for Troika Patent Keychain Item KYR60 and KYR61



Fix Your Troika Patent Keychain With a New Carabiner in Shiny or Mat Finish

Troika items are made to last a long time. Fix your Troika Patent Quick Release Keychain with a replacement carabiner hook

Product Features

  • Carabiner hook for Troika Patent Keychain item KYR60 or KYR61
  • Material chromed brass
  • Finish mat or shiny chrome
  • Dimensions Length 5.71 inches (145 mm)
  • Weight 0.006 Lbs. (3 grams)
  • Item 99Z215 Mat Carabiner Hook  GTIN 4024023890284
  • Item 99Z216 Shiny Carabiner Hook GTIN  4024023890291

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