Troika Product Customizing FAQ

Whether you want to personalize your items with a special message for gifts or promote your corporate business with branded products, Troika has many options for your customization needs.

Lead Time: Single item engraving or imprinting adds two weeks to your order delivery time. Orders over 50 pieces add three weeks to delivery time. Please call us if your project is date sensitive and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Please provide a phone number with your custom order for ease of communication.


Troika Construction Pen Logo Engraving Examples



Set-up fee - $25.00  |  Per-item fee - $3.00

Engraving is laser-etched onto the product and can either be text-based or of an image/logo. Engraving customization is available for most metallic products like charm key rings/keychains, business card cases, and pens.

Lead Time: Single item engraving or imprinting adds two weeks to your order delivery time. Orders over 50 pieces add three weeks to delivery time. Please call us if your project is date sensitive and we will do our best to accommodate your request



Troika VW ''Forever T1'' Bus Desk Organizer with Orange imprinting

Set-up fee - $50.00  |  Per-item fee - $3.00 | Minimum Quantity- 50 Pieces

Imprinting is similar to engraving but is ideal for those who want color in their customization. Imprinting will print an image of your choice onto the product, ideal for fabric-like items like wallets, bags/pocket organizers, and notebooks.


Logo Deboss

Yellow Troika Construction Lilipad and Liliput Mini Notebook and Mini Pen with Logo debossing


Text/Monogramming set-up fee - $20  |  Logo/Image set-up fee - $100  |  Per-item fee - $2.50 | Minimum Quantity- 50 pieces

Debossing is perfect for those who want a clean and classic look. The product is indented with a metal plate, producing either a monogrammed text or a logo/image deboss. The embossing customization is available for notebooks.


Pricing and Quantity

All customized orders (whether it is for one item or for several items) are subjected to an initial set-up fee, a per-item customizing fee, in addition to the base price of the product.

When applying customization to a product, the set-up fee will appear as an "extras" fee in your shopping cart. The "per-item fee," however, will be added to the base price of the product, and adjust accordingly to the quantity you enter next to the "Add to Cart" button.

For example: if you wanted to purchase one construction multi-tool ballpoint pen personalized with text engraving, the price breakdown would be:

Base price: $34.95
Set-up fee: $25
Per-item fee: $3
Total: $62.95

However, if you wanted to add a second pen with the same customization, it would only cost an additional $37.95 (base price + per-item fee) because the set-up fee is already accounted for.

For any questions about pricing (including special pricing for larger orders/100+ customized items) or inquiries about customization, please contact us at

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