Extraordinary Attorney Woo Troika Whale Keychain

July 23, 2022 2 Comments

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Troika Whale Keychain

The Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a popular Korean Netflix show about a young attorney with autism, who finds her own unique way of being a successful and effective young lawyer at a prestigious law firm.

Attorney Woo Title Page

Attorney Woo Desk Top

Attorney Woo Whale Keychain on table

Troika Whale Keychain on Attorney Woo's Bag

Attorney Woo (Woo Young Woo) played by the wonderful Korean actress Park Eun-Bin, shows off her Troika Jack Pott Whale Keychain at the start of each episode. We are very happy more people have discovered one of our favorite keychains. You can find and shop the Troika whale keychain here.


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Patricia Ferry
Patricia Ferry

March 26, 2023

My daughter bought me this keychain – I fall in love with it over and over and memories of Attorney Woo (woo to the woo) 💕


December 15, 2022

Hello,may i know about Troika Whale Keychain, is this item still available?

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