Meet the Liliput Mini Pen, Newest Member of the Troika Construction Pen Family

April 01, 2018

Meet the Liliput Mini Pen, Newest Member of the Troika Construction Pen Family

The Liliput, a small but mighty multi-tool stylus ballpoint pen. Watch Product Video Here

Available in six colors and just 3.25 inches in length it packs a punch with a ruler in cm and inch, full metal construction, a high quality rubber stylus and a mini Phillips and flat head screwdriver. A good size clip ensures it attaches securely inside your bag wallet or pocket. Each Liliput includes 2 spare refills. Shop for the Troika Liliput Mini Construction Pen here

There is More, The Lilipad Dot Grid Notebook

The Liliput is a great mini pen all by itself, but as they say in late night infomercials; wait there is more. The Troika Liliput pen has a companion A7, 3.34 x 4.1 Inch dot grid notebook. Aptly named the Troika Lilipad.

Troika Lilipad A7 Dot-Grid Notebook with Liliput Mini Construction Pen

This handsome and practical little notebook has a sturdy faux leather hard cover with a ruler in cm. Lilipad closes securely with a wide elastic band and has 128 dot perforated grid pages which allows for easy writing and drawing of three  dimensional objects. It has a little pocket on the inside of its back cover, that is the perfect size for cash, credit cards and business cards and a ribbon page marker. It also has a built in pen loop. Inside the penloop you will find Troika's Liliput Mini Construction Pen.  

Together the Liliput + Lilipad create a handsome and useful couple and excellent travel companions. Shop for Lilipad + Liliput here


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