Troikaus Statement on Covid-19

March 18, 2020

Troikaus Statement on Covid-19

Brand Node, Inc. Statement on Covid-19-Portland OR March 14, 2020 

Dear Brand Node Customer, 

These are anxious times and stress levels run high, now more than ever journaling, putting our own words to paper can help all of us cope with the stress in our families, communities work and business caused by the Covid-19 virus.

As parents of school age children, we know that our children now need meaningful activities that allow them to cope, express their feelings and continue to learn.

As small business owners we know the stress of managing a new reality of work which requires a calm space and a blank page to lay-out strategies to deal with the new reality that is upon us.

Just like you we have elderly parents, who’s world now shrinks even further with fewer contacts, who may benefit from receiving something tactile and useful from their children.

Above all we know we will get through this together. During this time, we all need a healthy outlet for our feelings, thoughts and plans. Take a walk, let the sun touch your face, stretch, take a deep breath and yes write in a journal, because that is what we do and believe in.

For many of us cash is tight and per immediate we have instituted the coupon code CARE which will give 20% off every purchase until further notice on the websites we operate and will allow more people to own a high quality journal, a pen a stylus that is an invitation to write or an accessory that provides a sense of joy and calm when we most need it. 

Please leave a phone number and an email address so that we can reach you in case there are any delays. Please be kind to yourself and others and wash your hands.


With love,


Sara and Jeroen Kuiper

Brand Node, Inc.   


For more information on covid-19 and steps you can take to protect yourself, your family and the community at large visit

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