Troika Fresh Wind Magnetic Wind Turbine Desk Decor


Troika Magnetic Wind Turbine Paper Weight

Alternative energy is huge and wind energy is one way to lower CO2 Emissions. Some of the world's largest engineering firms like Siemens, Vestas, GE, Enercon and Nordex are building ever larger and more powerful windmills. Troika has designed its own wind turbine, Fresh Wind, for your desk. Capturing the simple elegance of modern windmills it has full metal construction and features a magnetic base perfect for holding onto paper clips.  

Wind equals power and Troika Fresh Wind desk wind turbine is the magnetic wind turbine for those who want to be at the forefront of alternative clean power generation.

Playful rotating rotor blades provide relaxation and meditation to help alleviate stress. 

Product Features 

This Item has an engraving minimum of 50 pieces

  • Design Troika Design Werkstatt
  • Material cast metal mat grey finish
  • Dimensions 1.50 x 1.50 x 6.46 inch
  • Weight 0.26 Lbs.
  • Magnetic base with 5 paperclips included
  • Enhance any desktop and any office
  • Fully in line with trends, since clean power generation is becoming more and more important, the easy-going rotor blade is tempting to play with, helping you to slow down.
  • Attractive design and high quality.
  • GTIN 4024023231551

Promote your business with Troika Desk Wind Turbine

This Item has an engraving minimum of 50 pieces

Promote your alternative energy business with Troika Fresh Wind Desk Wind Turbine. Engrave your company logo on the base. Max engraving logo size 25 x 7 mm (1 x 0.28 inch)

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