Troika Jumbo 30 Business Card Case with Number Emboss


Troika Jumbo 30 Product Info

Troika Jumbo 30 Business card case has an embossed "Jumbo 30" on the lid and holds approximately 30 business cards. Troika created a large capacity business card case because many business cards are made out of thicker card stock and materials and having more business cards in your case means less chance you run out just when you are about to make that important contact.

Product Feature

  • Lightweight large capacity business card case
  • Matte finish, titanium color
  • Material: aluminum
  • Embossed Jumbo 30 on the lid
  • Holds approx. 30 business cards
  • Dimensions 3.70 x 2.36 x 0.59 inch (93 x 60 x 15 mm)
  • Weight 0.07 Lbs (34 Gram)
  • Boxed

Customize with Logo Engraving

    Max engraving surface size: 1.77 x 0.79 inches / 1.77 x 1.18 inches (depending on location)

    Engrave the owner's name, a special message, or promote your business with customized Troika Jumbo 30 Business Card Cases. 

    Click here for more information on item customization and personalization.

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