Troika Ballpoint Refill Black Ink for Micro Construction Ballpoint KYL25, KYP25, and Liliput Pen PIP25


Troika Micro Ballpoint Pen Refills Black Ink

Set of 10 Black Ink Micro Refills fits Troika Items: Construction Micro Key light Pen (KYL25); Construction Micro Keyring Pen (KYP25); Construction Micro Keyring Pen Pro (KYP26); and Troika Liliput Pens (PIP25)

Product Features

  • Micro Ballpoint Refill
  • Black Ink
  • Material steel
  • Pack of 10
  • Refill for Troika Item KYL25, KYP25, KYP26, and PIP25
  • GTIN 4024023890055

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