Troika Speedy, High Speed USB-C Lightening Charging Cable


Troika High Speed USB-C Data and Charging Cable with Lightening Adapter

USB-C is the new worldwide standard for data transmission, power supply and connectivity of your smartphone, tablet and laptop. The POWER DELIVERY CABLE from TROIKA provides up to 100 watts of power for secure supplying external USB graphics cards or laptops.

The way it works: the source, transmitter and POWER DELIVERY CABLES communicate with each other to determine the required electrical power. You will need only one cable charging for all your mobile digital devices. USB-C to USB-C, max.100 watts of power. A lightning adapter is included for legacy Apple products.

Watch the video and see how Troika Speedy Charging cable will make your life easier.


Product Features

  • Design Troika Design Werkstatt
  • Charging cable High-Speed USB-C 100W PD Power Delivery to USB-C, with data transmission function, charging up to notebook size possible via USB-C, full charging capacity: max. 100W|20V|5A (without adapter) depending on the device to be charged
  • Digital display showing charging power
  • Dimensions 39 Inches (1meter) long
  • Weight 0.09 Lbs. (40 g)
  • Material cable textile coated, , metal / polyester
  • Color black
  • Includes USB-C to Lightning adapter

Promote your Business with Troika Speedy charging cable.

Engrave your logo on the Troika Speedy Charging Cable. Max logo size 0.20 x 0.63 inch (5 x 16 mm) 

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